Thursday, September 30, 2010


I'm excited for classical education.  I truly believe Rock, Key and Story will be better equipped at elementary age, and have a bigger grasp of how to think and how God fits into thinking about history, english, math, etc than I did after graduation!  Dorothy Sayers essay  is SO enlightening.  She helped me solidify this route for our family.  Not because I think we have to be better than others but because I can't confidently give my child over to the public school system or even the Christian school education system, and mainly because of the layout she describes is beneficial for all of life.  I can't go with the public for various reasons, unfortunately the system has been coming off the hinges for decades, some argue it's off the hinges!  As far as the Christian school route, I still don't feel confident leaving my young, eager, sponge child to men or women I know nothing about (that goes for either).  All I know is that they "profess" to be Christian but that can mean SO many things.  MOST importantly God tells me (and all parents), we will have to give an account on how we raise our children, and then he tells believers to teach them His statues as much as we can (when they lie down and wake!).   It is the responsibility of the parent to educate, train, and instruct, SO.... How do I see that happening for our family?  By homeschooling, and homeschooling well, by God's grace.

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