Wednesday, July 30, 2014


we recently had our much needed vacation (stay-cation) which was refreshing. i unintentionally took a social media vacation too. it felt good to disconnect and connect with people in real life. ahhhh! social media, i hate you but like you.

there's a lot of good reminders on the web that deal with social media issues. i'll have to do a round up of the good stuff i've come across.

i digress... these pictures were from the howard johnson's hotel in Anaheim. they have a water park, which was the draw for us, and because of that, we packed up and headed to nearby anaheim. we loved that we were able to relax and not be too afraid of the kids getting lost. It was small enough to just sit and relax, yet big enough for the kids not to get bored. they loved it! i'll have to give a yelp review about our stay.

a few things i learned (or re learned) during our vacation:

it's easy to take a vacation from God when on vacation.
visiting other churches made me miss our church.
vacations can be tiresome. Pace yourself.
delve into a good book.
if i'm home, i'm undoubtedly cleaning : \
i need to learn how to vacation.
i needed a vacation from social media.
jack bauer makes us happy.
having four kids is fun.
next year, Lord willing, our vacation can't land during our anniversary.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Smile

tomorrow is my mom's birthday! i'm so excited to celebrate with family over good food and no doubt, hilarious conversations.

returning from our vacation i had no desire to be on social media. it was interesting... although, i had emails i needed to get to but didn't because i didn't check my email for two weeks! yikes!

interesting post on bff's. i could see where she's coming from but since i find it obvious that some friends are just more edifying than others, then the bff notion makes sense. if you're bff category is not based on edification then you can have various bff's of various categories, which can make bff's obsolete, perhaps...

pj and i were talking to our nephew about phobias and he said THIS is his! be careful, it might make you feel uneasy-- i started too!

we watched a marriage documentary 112 weddings last night. the film was interesting and it gave us a peek into what other marriages feel or think (well, to a certain point).  hearing some of the couples responses to questions was eye opening. it made me so appreciative of covenantal marriage that's anchored in Jesus.

this DIY blog is my new fav! AND she's adopted three adorable kids :D

voddie baucham's audio sermons have been a blessing to me on my runs.

have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Around Here #3

The girls batted twice in the entire season...Story would usually cry when she was up to bat.
Baby City with her cell phone.
Practicing how to defeat Darth Vader in preparation for our Disneyland trip.
Our family routine for the week.
As they were hugging and playing, I asked them to smile for the camera.
Key prepared breakfast for Story and wanted me to take a picture of it.
I love to wear jackets...too bad I live in Cali.
Celebrated our friend's completion of seminary! I SO remember when PJ finished years ago. What a blessing to finally be done. Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Hong!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

DIY Geo Inspired Planter

school is out and we are so excited to enjoy the summer! now that my schedule is a little more open (as open as it can get with 4 kiddos), i have a handful of DIY projects i want to do. 

it can get frustrating when i have all these ideas in my head but can't implement them because of a busy schedule. hopefully, i can get through some of them since the craft itch can be soothing and inspiring.

with this little project i had all the supplies at home--i love when that happens! geometric decor has been lovely to see, so i put together a quick geo inspired planter. it added something new to the place, AND in my case, it was totally free! now, let's pray my plant don't die!

what you'll need:

-plain clay planter

-painter's tape

-paint with paint brush

i taped around the vase. just make sure there's no open spaces so the paint don't seep through. i painted, let it dry, then repainted again. i did about 4 coats just to make sure it was thick enough--depending on the paint it could be less coats. once it is completely dry, remove the tape slowly, making sure you press down on the painted part while pulling tape. i accidently tore too quickly and some paint came along with it...i had to repaint that area :/

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Story's Birthday

April 21st marked our Story's 4th birthday, which meant... Cocoa Pebbles day! It's PJ's tradition that on the kid's 4th birthday they get to eat sugary, Cocoa Pebbles cereal. I've fought this tradition, to no avail. I've had to succumb to the reality that these are his kids too and he wants to enjoy Cocoa Pebbles with his kids :) Now,  I think it's cute and I'm glad PJ got his way on this one.

Key made Story an Elsa paper doll. It was very sweet the way she presented it to her and the joy that Story got.

Our birthday letter to Story...

Our little Story,
We remember vividly the day the doctor held you up and squeezed your chunky thighs and declared you were a big baby! You were. You're still cute as a button-- with a very high pitch voice--but we love it. You're sweet, thoughtful, and so silly. Your jokes are beyond your years.

Abba and I constantly fight to not make you (each other or your siblings) the center of our universe or allow you to make yourself the center of the universe. You don't quite understand now, but hopefully you'll thank us later. It's our job to disciple you and show you how to be a woman of integrity...a term we often use in our home. We'll continue to pour into your life but one day you will have to choose your own road to follow, the road of Christ--a very difficult but ultimate satisfying road, or your own road that is filled with your own selfish desires that can be hurtful to you and others. We will be here for you no matter what, even if you choose the road that is easy and ultimately hurtful. We love you because you are our own and we love you because Christ first loved us. He is the source of true love, and we strive to love you with that kind of love.

Our prayer for you is that you grow to be a woman of integrity. That one day you will call upon Jesus Christ to save you from yourself and make you his child. We pray that Abba and I will faithfully serve you and be an example of parents who are not self righteously above you, but gladly submitting to Jesus as our ultimate, loving authority. We also pray Abba and I can continue to ask you for forgiveness when we sin against've already graciously extended forgiveness to us in the past :) Thank you.

We love you forever and we are so thankful God has loaned you to us.

Mommy and Abba

Friday, May 23, 2014

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Round up...

(Key's flower wall art)

There's been a few things on my mind that I wanted to share...

finally watched the grand budapest hotel, with great company (Jerilene, Alyssa, and Kim)! it was good. unfortunately, some raunchy scenes. the film can appear slow but the characters and their dialogue are meant to carry the movie. they did. the actors were excellent. the humor, awesome. again, the dialogue, witty and thoughtful.

watched this video and again it puts me in a dilemma. i've struggled with the idea of deleting my facebook and most recently our instagram. i hate social media and like it. how do these two coexist? i fancy this blog space... i feel it's given me a way to express myself, and i've carved out a little space to do that. it's fun. but facebook and instagram can seem like a way to portray something that's not real-- or half truths (which is not truth at all). i feel like it can be a place to vent, boast, or be indifferent. i'm sure my posts have come off in various of those categories. precisely why i'd like to unplug those two. hmmmm...

being a mexican american can be weird. i've noticed the stereotypes and they bother me. you can be in two camps... poor, uneducated, and uncultured. the other, a menace to society. and there's another that's less noticeable-- trying to get educated, parents are immigrants, life choices or desires are less ambitious than other college age peers. there are times people try to fit me into one of these categories, and if i don't fit, perhaps i'm too "white","asian" or "americanized". growing up, it was rare to find a mexican american who had chosen a path that was well thought out, educated, cultured, helpful to society, and ambitious. i love my people. that's exactly why these stereotypes and true stories bother me. sometimes i feel like i can't relate. but then there's moments when i find someone that blows my own stereotypes away and it's alluring. i must admit, i have stereotypes  too. it's difficult to live in this world without them. sometimes there's good stereotypes that we need and use. than there's others we should refute, rightfully so! i love hearing and seeing mexican americans tear down those stereotypes. on a npr news segment, they echoed what i've been seeing and feeling. they mentioned that latinos won't rush to the electing polls because there's a high percentage of poor, uneducated latinos that are out of touch with political issues. i need to see mexican americans excel like i know we can--by God's grace.

not sure if I shared this before, but it bears re-sharing. such a great article and i find it extremely helpful as i parent my kids in this culture.

i'm excited to "nerd out," as she puts it, on her crafty genius talents, that God has graciously given her! her book is out and ready to be used up by the family! why do I want to be one of her little girls in this video?! ha!

our sunday sermon was intense but SO helpful and needed. thank God for leadership that doesn't hide true struggles of the church! it allows our church community to truly flourish in a Christ-centered way.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Loosing Teeth

key lost her first tooth! It's a funny little story.  she didn't notice it was gone. we think she ate it. how do you eat a tooth and not notice? we think it was when she was consuming sushi. White rice could disguise the little tooth, ha!

when she found out she lost it, she was extremely giddy. she conjured up in her mind, a painful episode of tooth loss. she was amazed that she didn't feel a thing. the unknown can be frightening sometimes...

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I often crave homemade hummus and homemade pita chips. For awhile, I was making hummus whenever the previous batch ran out! I had to cut back just a tad bit. We usually pair ours with broccoli and bell peppers, yum!

Found the recipes from here and here.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Our Main Man!

On Rock's birthday, April 11th, we surprised him with a rock climbing session. It was fun watching him take chances, be adventurous and courageous. I jokingly told PJ, what if this set his path to be a real, rock climbing, dare devil! Oh gosh, I'd die!

We have an 8 year old now. Crazy! I can't help but feel a little sad. Thankful though. I know parents always say the same thing--"it goes by so fast!"It really does. So many memories but it almost feels like not enough time.

I love this kid. My heart melts because of the love I have for him. PJ feels the same way. He calls Rock "his main man". We are so privileged to be parenting this kid and to see him grow in stature and in knowledge. It's a privilege and a joy to teach him the ways of the Lord. He's such a blessing. He makes me strive to be a better mom.

Some milestones:
He is such a great, big brother to City. He loves taking care of her (most of the time:)
He baked his first cake and it came out scrumptious. He made it for his auntie Reese's birthday party.
He had his first piano recital.
He loves sewing, science, and nature.
He creates crazy dance moves that crack me up.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Smile Moment

Have a great week!

What's on the weekend schedule? For us...I'm excited to participate and honor our beloved Danika!

Been feeding my soul with this audio conference.

Slowly going through this book with my Lovely and it's so good!

Rock, Key and Story are playing baseball! The girls are on the Yankees and Rocks on the Dodgers. The girls looked so darn cute I couldn't handle it! They're so excited to play :) I'll have to post pictures soon.

Rock went to Hawaii to visit is uncle, aunt and cousins. We all were glad he enjoyed himself but I sure did miss my little man!

Rock turned 8. Story turned 4. City turned 1. Two more to go next month!

City is a walker now:( She's the first of our kids to walk before turning one. 

Easter Sunday was great. It was nice to see a handful of community people come on Easter Sunday. We pray God will soften hearts and give CrossView grace to love these people.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

DIY Patterned Wood Wall Boxes

Had plain wooden boxes in the kids room but they looked too, blah. Decided to draw some simple, kid, neutral patterns--since the kids share a room. Easy, cute, and cheap :)

What you'll need:

-plain wooden boxes



Then design whatever your little heart desires!


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