Monday, October 18, 2010

BIGGEST treasure Book

(I wanna share some blessing but I'll wait for later this week.) 

SO, I have an old book that is all torn up but I treasure it dearly.  That old torn book, really changed my life after high school.  It's my old, beat up, off the binding, first Bible and it has just been sitting on our shelf for years, so I wondered "What can I do with my book that speaks about my BIGGEST treasure?"  I began with one idea, and then it formed into something different. Either way I was just excited to experiment and make my Bible into something that I could have for a longer time!
My end product a flower brooch! 

Book Brooch
-Gather lots of pages and Cut circles (I did 4-5 different shapes)
-poke hole to each layer bundle (might have to subtract some sheets or add)
-Gather together (with largest on bottom) and insert "paper fastener"
-Use glue gun to randomly glue together pages, this helps make it more sturdy
-Also use gun to glue "finding" to backside
-Cut out several pages to makes leaves
-Fold pages horizontally (in a tri fold)
-Draw a leaf and cut
-Once you've attained desired leaf length, glue near back pages but enough to hide leaf origin
-To add a little more character, accent leaves, I outlined the leaves with a black marker

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