Thursday, April 7, 2011

Reusable Bow Tie Tutorial

For Rock's birthday I wanted to make him a bow tie.  Next time I'd do it a little different but it served its purpose.
Cut out a square.  Pinch at middle (like a bow tie) and decide if it fits boys stature (if not, trim).  At this point, I would have made a 1 inch cut right in the middle of ONE square, then sewn all squares together.  After sewing I could have turned fabric inside out through that 1 inch opening, and tada!

I didn't follow the above instructions-- instead I sewed three sides, turned inside out, cuffed non-sewn side (so raw fabric won't be seen), then sewed.  You should have yourself a little rectangle!  Sorry no picture for this step :(
Next up, the piece that gathers the fabric in the middle.  Cut two strips (should look like a small rectangle) sew sides only, flip inside-out, fold and sew ends.
(flipping inside-out)
              put them together to test
Cut an elastic band that fits, then sew together.   I burnt my elastic ends so it won't unravel.
Almost done... Slide fabric bow out of "gathering middle piece."  Now sew middle piece to the elastic band.  Once fastened, slide the big bow fabric back through and gathered (accordion style). GUESS WHAT? You can change fabric bow to any other color or style.  It's reusable :)  One bow tie for all occasions!
Finished product!  I also made my girls little bow ties for their hair. 

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