Thursday, May 5, 2011


The kids dupped me into walking thru The Disney Store. Bad idea. Key grabbed a Cars backpack and began stuffing it with princess stuff. Rock went straight to the superhero area and wanted everything in sight. He picked up a Thor helmet and begged for me to buy it. I kept telling him no. He kept insisting. I said no. He kept asking. I finally blurred out "I'll just make it for you." That sort of bought me some time of him not asking. As I pulled them out of the store, I realized I needed to come up with an action plan for this Thor helmet! As soon as I got home I planned in my brain. When they went to bed I began putting stuff together. 
A bit cheesy? Yes. A money saver? Yes.
 using cardboard, cut the above shapes
 The exact-o knife was helpful in poking holes for the elastic band to go thru the cardboard. Used hot glue for holding up the sides.
 Had to adjust to Rock's head so that it doesn't easily fall off.
 side view
 front view
The bottom part of cardboard was pulling in because of the elastic, but that was fine because once on his head it shaped around it.

Looking at Thor in his Marvel poster...

 Adding detail :)

Why the shirt off? It's hot, AND he likes being around the house like this. LOL!

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