Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mommy and Key Date

A nice casual time with my little Key. 
She's so easy to please at this age!
How I pray for her and her seeing and
savoring Jesus Christ. I also pray and hope
PJ and I teach her well and grow her
to be a woman that is to treasured above
rubies; A woman that fears the LORD, and
a joyful love of God, and the things of God.
But as much PJ and I strive for these things,
she is ultimately in his hands, as all our 
children are. I must remember the most 
treasured, and important relationship, she'll
possibly have on earth is with her husband,
 so I must train her well for that :)
But I think often times the church, (myself included) forgets that
a community makes a person. Many different people from different paths
affect our lives. So, who will affect my little Key's life or any of my children? I think I know the answer. I believe it will be the blood family, friends, and the church family they'll grow up in. As Christian parents, we can believe WE have the sole responsibility of effecting our children, or it's the churches responsibility to raise our children. I believe, and as many others do, it's both! As they get older, mommy and abba might not get through to them because of various reasons, BUT if they have strong relationships within the church family with godly men and women, (I would argue more adults and young adults, then peers) whom our kids can confide in and in turn listen to biblical advice/love from church family who can shed gospel light on their trials, questions, fears, etc. these relationships, can be so helpful and healthy for their own spiritual walk and the churches! It's an age old secret--a community raises a child. 

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