Monday, February 27, 2012

Under The Sun (From Ecclesiates)

On Sunday our good friend Travis (elder/pastor at Grace Harbor Community Church) preached at CrossView yesterday from Ecclesiates (the whole book!) and it was a blessing! Several things hit me and I want to share in bullet points...
  • Give up meaning in your own legacy
  • Promote what will last (Jesus Christ and his saving work!)
  • We are bound creatures--we are on a set path, you can't escape this reality
  • We have a limited vantage point of life
  • God loves you when he makes things NOT go as planned
  • God speaks through futility
  • Our ambition is not forfeited but can be redeemed! Our worldly ambition has to die so God can use it for His glory.
  • Point #3 Seek your joy in God because wisdom is limited
  • If you're wise, you see how unwise you truly are
  • Don't carry God's work--celebrate ignorance
  • Point #4 Seek joy in God by trembling and trusting Him
  • God dispenses his gifts by faith
  • We don't have the capacity to enjoy bread without God
  • godliness with contempt, is great gain!
  • "We can enjoy what we don't worship" Doug Wilson
Towards the end, Travis spoke about children-- as parents we should look at them and enjoy them, but encouraged us, to remember 'they'll grow up,' so we'll feel the brevity of life, how life is fleeting. Enjoy the moment with the Lord, "these are beautiful things, God has done."

Rock, Key and Story can feel like they are ours to keep, which allows idolatry to sip in, but this heart check can be a blessing to my kids, and my own soul as I interact with my kiddos. PTL!

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  1. OMG! I was totally convicted from the first 2 sentences he preached! I had to ask John for forgiveness after the service because I was acting a lil cray cray the night before... but through the message, I saw how straight up crazy I was!




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