Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Key's Birthday Week at Avila Beach

"Who cares about Mother's Day when the following day we'll all be at the beach for 4 days!" That's what I was thinking since my Mother's Day was low key (I did have Sprinkles at their ATM!) but I didn't care much to celebrate since we'd be off the next day, on a tiny road trip, then fun in the sun! 

Thanks to my in-law's time-share (we ain't ball'in), they shared (no pun intended) with us. It was great, relaxing and beautiful! But don't misunderstand, we did have arguments, because honestly, it isn't a family trip, if there ain't arguing. PJ and I had our irritated moments, but God was kind to show us our sin and wake us up from our idolatry.  

Trials/Blessing from Our family Trip:
1. On our drive up, Story threw up
2. I constantly got car sick, this was no exception
3. I went into Walmart to buy some milk, while my phone was on vibrate PJ called me 8 times because all kids had to pee! He was not a happy camper as I exited and smiled
4. One argument was based around me trying to lead our family because I felt I knew best (in a stubborn way)
5. Forgot my bathing suit
6. Kids played in a beautiful, beach creek, later to find out, there were signs prohibiting play, due to high levels of bacteria...Eek, gross!
7. A great time of just getting away 

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  1. frances! this is so cute! I especially love that fourth picture! So precious! Can I print it out, or would that be too creepy? lol... just kidding, but really, this looks like such an amazing family time :) Your trials/blessings list was so encouraging too because it helped me realize that those types of things happen to everyone else too!



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