Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day/80s Birthday Party

For my older sister's birthday party, we were told to dress up in our finest 80's gear. It's no problem for me, since I love the 80s! The music was great! And hello, Flashdance! Ok, a lot of things about the 80s are hilarious (teased up hair, neon tights, etc), but still, I love it.

 The lovebirds.
 After changing, and dressing back into normal clothes, I fancied my gold, saltwater sandals. I love these sandals. They're so comfortable and cute. Can I sleep in these?
  Endless rounds of horse shoe games.

All the guys decided to get competitive and play a game that PJ's never played but was coming out on top...That's my man! ;)
And the little cousins loved running around my sister's new house, with a humongous backyard, that once housed horses! These hammocks are dreamy and so relaxing. If God ever blesses us with a backyard, I'd like to think we'd invest in one of these, asap!

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