Monday, June 4, 2012

Nicholas's Party

Cool, CrossView cats, headed over to Nicholas's fast, and furious party!

Praise the Lord for another year in Nicholas's life. 

Father grow Nicholas strong and healthy but more importantly to be a man that loves you above everything and everyone. Help Jennie and Carlos to set an example in their home that Michael and Nicholas can proudly follow. Bless their home to be a place where you are first, where Carlos leads them all closer to Christ and Jennie supports. Help Michael and Nicholas to be men that love and serve people with the message of Jesus Christ. In Christ name, Amen.


  1. beautiful photos frances! i'm loving your hair, and it is tempting me to chop mine short (hope Taylor doesn't see this hehehe)........ and how cute are those boots on Key!??!!!

    oooooooo, and i hadn't checked out frontline before, but it totally looks like something I'd be into. one of these days Taylor, Danny and I need to come over with some dinner and nerd out on documentaries together! :)

  2. oh! woops, my comment was supposed to be for the family day post. hahaha,but I love these pictures too, wish i was here! Everyone looks so happy! :)



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