Monday, June 11, 2012


A few months ago, the girls and I went birthday shopping for Key at H&M. Every time we go there, Key wants everything in the little girl section, naturally. This day was no exception. "Mommy, can you buy me this?" happened at least 50 times. As I try to be a smart shopper, I have to weigh things out--is it necessary, useful, on sale, can we wait, etc. 

The previous time there, she begged for hair accessories, which I bought her, thinking this would be a good buy since she'll actually wear them--wrong. She only wears them when she and Story play princess at home. I try getting her to wear them out, but they usually come off in the car. 

OK, so next time I'll be a smart buyer, at least in theory :) So this time, she asked for a cute, Hello Kitty wallet. She's never had a wallet, but Rock does (she reminded me of this). I thought about it, but then concluded "I'll just make one!" Call me a cheap skate, but I told her no, and that I would make her one. With trying to keep my word, this is my novice, Hello Kitty wallet project. Lots of mistakes but she doesn't care.

Cut, layered, and sewed...

 Made a Hello Kitty design then sewed onto homemade wallet
 attached velcro and hand sewed little clip buttons 
 I made a fabric lining on the outside, to cover up the stitching of the velcro. I cut, sewed, turned inside out...

  then attached the fabric.
Fabric glued the tiny nose.
 Then, voila!

Why is Story closing her eyes? It ain't for her!

She was so happy that sang a 10 minute song, she made up, about her wallet! It was so cute! I love her!

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