Monday, July 9, 2012

Before and After

 I love love love Rock's long hair! I also love my hubby, so when he would ask if we can cut Rock's hair, I gave in because I understood where PJ was coming from, like Rock's hair in his face. I didn't mind it, but Rock did. Soooo mommy lost, and I was fine with it. PJ and I came to the conclusion that Rock will get one hair cut each year, during the warm months, then I get to vast in his long locks! Although, I don't like the road getting there, because his hair does weird, not so nice things, but I just keep the end goal in mind...Til next year Rock!

 Even the barber didn't want to cut it! He and I both thought it was cool...

 Capsule, our local, walking distance, neighborhood barbershop...They ooze of hip and cool. You can tell by their trendy shop atmosphere and their famous clientele


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