Friday, September 21, 2012

Taken at 11 weeks...

I feel gross and can't do anything except lay on my bed and gag :( The whole day is a battle between me and my vomit :(... Sometimes I win. Many times I loose. Through all this craziness! Seriously, my home looks like a missile hit it! I hate cleaning, cooking, and sadly, sometimes I can't take care of my kids! I don't like that last one, one bit. All I eat is Top Ramen. I can't talk too long because I'll start getting nauseous. After 6pm it gets worse!

PJ's been amazing through this tough time. I'm blessed to have him.

But through all this craziness, I can't wait to hold (Lord willing) a tiny cutie pie baby.


  1. wow frances! your video gave me goosebumps! that is so surreal!

    sorry to hear that you are still feeling so nauseous. I am keeping you in my prayers- you are one tough cookie!

  2. yay it is blog official!!!! praying for you. take us up on baby sitting soon :)



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