Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DIY Scalloped Shorts and 14 Weeks

I'm past the 1st trimester and I'm big. People look at me funny when I tell them how many weeks I am. I also have to tell them "I get big." No lie. I'm pretty much anticipating being as big as I was with Story 
: / Oh well, I can't do anything about how my body carries my kids.

As am trying to figure out what clothes to wear--I'm at a weird stage of weight, I'm not big enough for a lot of my maternity clothes, but I can't fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes either. I made these scalloped shorts 6 months ago but they fit funny :( I recently tried them on, thinking maybe they'll fit better since I've gained weight and they did fit better! It was nice seeing my DIY scalloped shorts not go to waste :)

Btw, I love my thrifted funky shirt! And it still fits even though I'm preggo!

Got the DIY idea here, but decided to first make shorts, since I had fabric.


  1. why do these pictures look soo old?

  2. second time saying this, but I REALLY love your shorts! the scallops from the diy look semi manageable, but I could never make full on shorts, you are so talented! If God wills for me to pregnant in the future, please let me borrow your pre-maternity and maternity clothes, haha!



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