Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election 2012

As I was preparing to vote, the kids asked if they could. I explained the process and the legal age to. I read my friend's Ruby post, on her mock election, and I knew I had to jack her idea and do the same thing! It was a great teaching moment and we brushed up on Rock's Presidential memorization (all 44 of them!) from last year. 
The kids had so much fun and were excited to see PJ and I vote at the polls near our home (we walked in our mail in ballots). We let Rock stay up and talked to him about the outcome and what that means for us as a Nation. We talked about how to pray for our President and how he can, Lord willing, vote when he is 18years old. He was still a little upset he couldn't take his ballot into the polls so it can be counted :)

Dr. Albert Mohler had great insights (near the end of his podcast) on how to speak to our children in light of a Christian worldview. 

The kids made their very own "Rock the Vote" buttons. Whatever happened to that?

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