Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jordyn Leah Virgil, Coming Soon!

My little sister will soon have an adorable baby girl in her arms! I'm so excited to meet this little sassy baby girl :) I remember meeting Jennifer, my little sister, for the first time at our Grandma's house when our mother came home from the hospital and I was so excited that I cried out of joy! I was only 7 years old but felt so much love toward this little girl. I can't imagine how I'll react holding her daughter in my arms! Gosh, I'm tearing up even now! I'm SO happy for my sister and my brother...Congrats again Virgil's! We love all three of you SO much :)

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  1. awwwww, these are such beautiful photos frances!! I miss you all! :( so sad I won't be able to see Jordyn in person, or at least not right away. jennifer is so pretty :)



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