Monday, September 9, 2013

Five. She Was All Smiles.

An old post I didn't get a chance to share. Looking back on these photos, it's obvious she's the birthday celebrant!

The Wonder and Magnificent Key,
Five is a big number. Or small--depending how you look at it. Abba and Mommy think that's too big because it feels like yesterday that we welcomed you into this world! I remember the day they put you in my arms. We were so excited to have a little girl Tibayan! We lived all the way in Washington D.C., the place you were born--Your favorite place :)

We're so thankful God has loaned you to us. We love you so, so, so much! You've been a pleasure to teach, love, hug, tickle, kiss, and play tea parties with. There's so much more we want to teach you. I love talking to you about being a woman and what that looks like. You're so interested. You've always been so dainty. Also, a hopeless romantic. You're such a treasure to us and we love you so much that you make our hearts hurt. Your smile, accompanied with your laugh is one of our favorite moments in life! Abba always says your "so excited about life." Thank you for making our heart leap for joy. We pray for you often in regards to following Jesus Christ, purity, marriage and so much more.  Always remember to not dance with a prince for hours and not know his name (inside joke).

Love you forever,
Mommy and Abba

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