Monday, November 25, 2013

7 Months

The many faces of City

She's lovely. Call me crazy, but sometimes I think "We should have a 5th." I Know, I know, sounds crazy! But we just love how little they are and the blessing they are.

* Her hair is ridiculous. Definitely different from the other three. She has the least hair with a nasty mullet.

* I don't feed her solids much. She's still strictly breast-fed and avocado here and there. My hippie neighbor/doctor, who has a baby, always informs me of things to watch out for. He recommends me to not feed her solids until she's older because it'll help her digestive system mature and it'll help her not have food allergies. Honestly, that sounds great, but I'm refraining because it's easier for me to just put her to the boob then to prepare food. At least for now.

* Still not sleeping through the night. The other three did at this age. The reason she hasn't? My neighbors. I usually let me babies learn how to cry themselves to sleep but because our walls are so thin, I feel bad for my working neighbors. We've been slowing trying to get her to cry herself to sleep. PJ's been waking up and rock her instead of me feeding her but I feel bad for our neighbors. But I promise, we'll all get better sleep soon ; )

* One morning the kids feed her whole milk as an effort to help out. I had to sit down with them and talk to them about not feeding her things. (Babies aren't suppose to get fed whole milk until they are 1 year old)

* Her crawl is funny! She tucks one leg in as she crawls. It's so weird, funny, and inefficient. It slows her down a bit, so that's helpful since she's all over the place.

* She has siblings that love her and take care of her. It's so endearing to watch them love her and get so happy to see her every morning and really throughout the day. So sweet, it warms my heart.

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