Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Legacy in Chi-Town

Forgotten memories in my camera! My camera's shutter jammed in Chicago :( Since it's out of warranty, I went back to my Best Buy technician roots and repaired it myself last night. Hopefully we can start taking pictures again around this house.

This July we were extremely blessed with a speaking engagement for PJ in Chicago at the Legacy Conference! The Legacy Conference coordinator, and friend, invited PJ to teach a workshop about The Glory of God and the Local Church. City and I went along for the ride. I was extremely blessed watching the "hip-hop" culture get invaded with: Christ exalting rap concerts, gospel preaching, and edifying workshops. My highlight was being able to have several dinners with just urban workers/missionaries throughout the States! I really felt at home and I didn't feel like a crazy lady for, moving to the city, raising my kids in urban Los Angeles, and living out the gospel here!

On the last day Sunday, we attended their church gathering in our friend's neighborhood (they're actually a network of house churches but gathered together after the conference). It felt homey again--in a "rough neighborhood," but people from all walks of life gathered to worship Christ The King.

Chicago is a beautiful place. This was my second time, and each time, I get treated with something terrific...This time, Frontera Grill and Yolk. Two great places to eat at, if you're ever in the area. Love. Love. Love. Craving them both now!

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  1. yay!!!! does this mean you'll be blogging more often? city looks so little here! miss and love you all :)



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