Monday, November 18, 2013


I miss riding this pretty thing. Before giving birth to City, I'd sometimes ride it to church on Sunday mornings. The busy streets of L.A. weren't so busy-- too early for the daily hustle and bustle. The air seemed clean, although not necessarily. Those days were refreshing. I look forward to future rides, Lord willing.

This past Sunday, God was kind in showing me my self righteousness. This past week I was tired. I was tired of chasing CrossView people. I was tired of repeating myself. I was tired of not seeing their life decisions change. I was tired of giving counsel-- for it to be given lip service or tossed along the way. And at the heart of it all, I was tired of serving people, because that's what it really came down to. The message on Sunday reminded me to stand firm, to continue and even be thankful for my brothers and sisters. I surely didn't have a thankful heart towards them. God reminded me that I too am hard of hearing, need love, rebuke, patience, kindness, and CrossView family pursuing me. Living life with these people isn't easy but that's what family is all about. I can't just disown my biological family (even if I did, they're still my family!) and I can't disown my spiritual family, which is where I have stronger bonds (rightly so!). So, I cling to the future grace that God has promised, and I'm thankful for the kindness in the past.

Time to ride on Frances...

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