Monday, April 7, 2014


Our dear City turned ONE! It's always bitter sweet... Parents, you know what I'm talking about!

Nothing big, just an intimate time with our little City girl. Time flies.  PJ and I are reminded that these moments are precious, and temporary.

Dear City,
You are amazingly cute and adorable, your Abba and I can't handle it! We are so blessed with you and the opportunity to raise you. We pray for your soul constantly and for grace to be able to be a faithful example of parents, that rely on God's kindness and strength. We strive, by God's grace-- to be light that shines on Jesus Christ, to you and your siblings. You weren't a mistake or an accident but thoughtfully woven and placed in our home by Our Creator. He knew your name before your Abba and I contemplated your existence! We pray you'll one day meet your Maker and call upon him.

Love you constantly (but some times imperfectly),
Mommy and Abba

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