Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hard Week BUT...

Last week was tough. PJ was gone for a conference. I was sick while watching the kids. And even when PJ returned, it still was tense.  I couldn't help just feeling overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with parenting. Overwhelmed with ministry. Overwhelmed with relationships. Just overwhelmed.

I felt thin but thank God for his mercy that strengthened my soul. It's funny how sickness can really be a spiritual purging. Comfort, physical comfort, can be quite a foe.

I'm thankful for these times. The hard times. I know it's hard to praise the Lord Jesus during the trials. Thankful for God breaking through and allowing me see Jesus. Without him, life would be unbearable!

My soul is now strengthened-- Realizing how small I am and how BIG God is is refreshing. Leave it to the importance of the historical resurrection story, to open my eyes.

We remind our kids that Easter is not about a bunny, candy or eggs. But it's about a real person, the Son of God, who took the place of our sin, died on the cross, and rose on the 3rd day. His rising (his resurrection) proved to the world-- it showed that his death was the only God accepted sacrifice that could take away sin. Only a sinless, God-Man, Jesus Christ, could bear all sin and the punishment of the world. No other sacrifice or good deeds could do such a thing. Only Jesus' death. So that is why Easter is such a big deal! As one of my favorite hymns sings:

Sin had left a crimson stain,
He washed it white as snow.

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  1. amen amen!!! i thank the Lord for you, fantastic frances! your posts always edify me and cause me to search my heart for the sin i'm harboring! love you miss you!



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