Friday, April 25, 2014

Smile Moment

Have a great week!

What's on the weekend schedule? For us...I'm excited to participate and honor our beloved Danika!

Been feeding my soul with this audio conference.

Slowly going through this book with my Lovely and it's so good!

Rock, Key and Story are playing baseball! The girls are on the Yankees and Rocks on the Dodgers. The girls looked so darn cute I couldn't handle it! They're so excited to play :) I'll have to post pictures soon.

Rock went to Hawaii to visit is uncle, aunt and cousins. We all were glad he enjoyed himself but I sure did miss my little man!

Rock turned 8. Story turned 4. City turned 1. Two more to go next month!

City is a walker now:( She's the first of our kids to walk before turning one. 

Easter Sunday was great. It was nice to see a handful of community people come on Easter Sunday. We pray God will soften hearts and give CrossView grace to love these people.

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  1. i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE seeing your fam pictures against that wall. :))))))



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