Friday, August 8, 2014

friday smile

last week was crazy! a full week of kid's VBS (vacation bible school) and my nieces sleeping over--it was a fun and tiring week but so worth it.

Can't wait for tomorrow's dinner date with our friends! They're always so refreshing!

i need to make these

we saw 12 years a slave this week. wow! i cried several times. what a dark time. it made me want to go back to the museum near usc.

i visited a good friend this week and entered her extremely clean home! she inspired me to be more clean than I already thought I was! She hasn't been blessed with kids yet which explains her home. being on this side of kids, having a clean home is great, but having kids is far greater :)

i finally found an aluminum free deodorant that works well with my body! i'm so excited and thankful. i found it here. she saved me tons of money! interested in trying this one too.

i moved my bedroom furniture around and it feels fresh. it's funny how that makes a difference.

why are alpha sprouts so good? i've been putting them in my veggie wraps and oh. my. goodness. 

recently a christian friend came to me asking for dating advice. i sent her this. a must read article for people who want to get married or are engaged! 

prayer for our brothers and sisters in persecuted countries is needed! this website is super helpful in being faithful in lifting up our brothers and sisters.

have a blessed week!

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  1. ALFALFA SPROUTS ARE THE BEST!! people used to laugh at me bc whenever we'd eat at a deli restaurant, i always wanted a veggie/avocado/alfalfa sprouts sandwich. :)

    can you make us some of those peanut butter balls? they sound SO GOOD.

    i love you!!!



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