Monday, September 14, 2015

Baby Reveal

these kids are sweet. they all wanted a boy. actutally we all did. but God in his wisdom has formed in my womb a wonderful little girl. they are excited and want to meet her soon.

city- calls her tummy her baby, so if her tummy hurts she declares "my baby hurts!"

story- is learning so much this year. she's officially in kindergarten and she loves working besides her siblings.

key- loves singing and you'll often find her making up new songs. sometimes her brother will bbox for her.

rock- is my go to person. he is extremely helpful and takes it upon himself to watch after city and often the girls. he's a great big brother (a.k.a. kuya).

babyLove#5- has no name yet. we play with names we like but nothing official.

myself- I get tons of looks and comments about our large family. We often get to drop little ideas of what we believe and why we are so blessed.

PJ- lots on his shoulders but he does a great job loving us first. he fails. but so do i. it just reminds us we aren't each other's god.

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  1. Love the way you as parents rest in God's peace, which I'm sure at the same time allows one to unburden the other. Rock has got such a big heart, I'm so proud of him. God bless you all!



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