Monday, October 3, 2016

around here #8

Its been 6 months since i've used this space. wow. i felt compelled to write something. anything. there's been a lot to think through. i've been pondering the fate of america.

it's helpful listening to this man after the debates.

another black man dead. these words are repetitive. this is heavy. weep with those who weep.

it's been a struggle to hear fellow brother's and sister's talk about racism. to hear comments that are just sad and unhelpful to the conversation has been eye opening. not because they're speaking truth but because their own prejudices are not seen. what's happening?

this american life segment was hard to hear. it made me cry to hear the parents talk. tears just rolled down my face.

we use to hold this magazine subscription. i think i want to invest in this one!

another great podcast on racism in america.

our friend's honest, helpful words on life (being black) through his eyes.

walking in on olaf. 
 vipary is super cool.
once a clean entry way.
 these people make me smile.
she makes me smile.
i crave her littleness near me.

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