Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday Blessings

Sundays are always a blessing (if I allow them to be) for various reasons.  This Sunday in particular, I had a reminded outlook of what the church body is like...

A bunch of people who at times have little, or nothing in common, sometimes get on each others nerves, blatantly sin against each other, love each other, feel indifferent towards each other, pray for each other, laugh together, cry together, rebuke one another, encourage each other, and much, much more.

Having brunch with A29 wives (a group of pastors' wives) on Saturday was refreshing.  Some of us were able to talk about church issues.  Topic at hand:  difficulties with some people at church.  One pastor's wife spoke of a trial with another person at the church.  All of us were able to pitch in, and shed some light on the situation.   A lot of us spoke from experience.  As we talked and shared we were reminded that everyone in the church is not gonna be likable (including ourselves) so it's how we handle it in light of the gospel.  Lots and lots and lots of grace is required to continue on in a community where every one is as messed up as any one can be, because of our yucky sin.

God is so kind and gracious in giving us a community where what brings us together is bigger than everyone.  Christ and his sacrificial death on our behalf, SO that we can be children of God.  Amazing.

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