Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Sweet Day

It seems like Valentine's Day is hated by many men.  Why?  Perhaps because of the hype that surrounds it?  Or the high expectations women put on it.  Or maybe because fat cats get fatter by the sound of the cash register.  Either way women still want to feel special.  Sure, and I completely agree and understand it shouldn't just have to be on Valentine's.  Everyday would be nice, but honestly that can't be done every, singe day, without fail... SO what to do???  

PJ and I usually celebrate but at home or a nice family outing.  This year I had not planned and it just came and went.  PJ is great at trying to make sure he takes me out on dates weekly but we fail at that sometimes.  I kindly remind him if we miss :)  This Valentine's Day I didn't feel the pressure of making things happen but I felt it as the day was passing by.  I felt like I needed to make it special.  Thankfully God reminded me that our marriage is bigger than just a day.  I felt free at the end of the day and enjoyed eating sweets with PJ while the kids slept in the car (this wasn't suppose to happen).

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