Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bachelorette (But Not For Long)

This past weekend was Jasmine's bachelorette extravaganza.  It was such a great, edifying time with all the ladies!

We started with a surprise picnic at Jasmine's favorite park...

 she cried, which made us cry...
she ate, which made us hungry...

she was happy, which made us happy!

 Then off to our scavenger hunt across town but closer to our surprise destination.
 She reads her letter and finds clues to her secret location.
CAMP JAZZ is what we surprised her with!  We set up the backyard like a camp site.  Jasmine is so outdoorsy that this was just perfect for her.  We did actually sleep in the tents, even though there were girls who secretly wanted to sleep in doors... We all eventually ended up in 10 person tent.  It was much fun :)

After the Camp Jazz surprise, we headed over to Laguna and ate dinner.  I forgot my camera! 
 The following day while Jasmine and the other girls got massages, we made some home preparations for the final surprise...

 A cooking class!

Which we then ate what we cooked... Really yummy, and healthy.  

Blessings all over the place.

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