Friday, April 22, 2011

Story Time

This little Story was welcomed in the morning with a yummy breakfast. I have to admit I have not yet prepared her party because I don't even know if I should.  This past month has been SO crazy. I also feel so bombarded with birthdays! I have four birthdays in two months... I'm really thinking about changing someone's birthday! In the mean time, while I contemplate, we'll celebrate this week and next.

Abba recounting her birth story to her... She doesn't seem very amused.
HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY! We love you and count our blessings that the Lord has kindly given us through you.  We pray one day you may personally know and grow in a relationship with abba and mommy's awesome Savior.  You are very loved Story Bird/ Story Bear :)

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  1. Frances, I can't believe she's one already...and I can't believe you have 4 birthdays in 2 months!!! Let's totally plan a party for her, I can totally help...we can totally make it low key if you want. Let's do this!



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