Monday, October 10, 2011

Count Your Blessings

CrossView kids taken Jan 2010

1. A blessed Sunday service. PJ's going through a suffering series that's been refreshing. I feel its been pushing CrossView to remember we are not to seek comfort or live our lives as to avoid suffering but if we trust and believe in who God is through Christ Jesus, then that has implications of suffering for the sake of the cross.

I've been reminded to not expect to live another day, but to be thankful of living another day.

2. Talking to Praise, Kim, Feilbe, and Sally after lunch. Sharing life then being all prompted to pray.

3. Master's students (Brenden, Daniel, Stephanie, Becca, and Leah) being so helpful and refreshing to CrossView. We'll miss them!

4. PJ and I riding our bikes to church! Inspired by this.

5. Alaiza's excitement of Christy's (a new-comer) interest in membership. Alaiza wants dibs on being her accountability partner :)

6. PJ re-telling our love story to the inquiring Master's students

7. D.A. Carson's reminder that we are not to measure God's love by what we perceive God should be doing or not doing, but measure by what happened on a hill called Calvary! Amazing!

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