Monday, June 18, 2012

Movie Review

In this adaptation of Françoise Sagan's best selling novel, Paula is a beautiful and highly successful 40-year-old businesswoman. She is deeply in love with Roger, her mature consort of five years. Roger is a very charming gallant who loves Paula but is too selfish to give up his freedom to be promiscuous. When Paula meets Phillip, the 24-year-old immature lawyer son of one of her rich clients, he falls hopelessly in love with the glamorous, sympathetic older woman and insists that the age difference will be no barrier to a romance. Paula resists the young man's persistent advances, but she finally succumbs when Roger initiates yet another affair with one of his young Maisies. An affair begins, and society does not approve. (imdb plot story)

What I particularly liked about this movie, was the reality that no one can ultimately satisfy you. Many people put all their eggs into one basket (the love basket:) but soon realize, the person they fell madly in love with, is not Prince Charming after all! 

 This sad reality, is made clear from the beginning (Genesis 3). No one is perfect--everyone is selfish, harsh, and self-involved. No person, can satisfy another wholly! This task is meant for One, that can really deliver--Jesus Christ! We all fail each other, especially in marriage, all the yucky stuff comes out (sin), but if we learn, that we are not meant to fill the shoes of Christ, but instead, put our hope in Christ alone, by faith alone, and really actually start seeking to live a life that is contrary to what we were living, by God's grace, once we and our spouses get that, repentance, grace and commitment begin to fill the marriage which sustains, covenantal love. 

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