Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Good Job Sally!

Our church family member, Sally, graduated from her program Jump Start! "A subsidized  fellowship for people interested in working in the community (public) mental health field."

We were serenaded with some spoken word. It reminded me of this talented man!

Sally has an amazing testimony, I'm not sure if she realizes this but it really makes me SO happy in the LORD! I wrote someone these words, concerning Sally, that I'd like to share:

She's open and [seeks] correction. [I've talked] to Sally about how she parents the girls/discipline, etc... and she's been teachable with all of them! God is so kind and I love Sally very much. Every time I think or tell people about Sally and her testimony I can't help but get so teary eyed, because God completely transformed her! I get sad thinking of her in the past/before salvation and how I didn't want to hang out with her because I thought she was too much maintenance. I was a fool and God proved himself to me! I felt so humbled that God could make miracles, because that is exactly what I saw Sally's situation [in need of]. I would think "God can't save her." Wow, our God is amazing! Her story makes me worship him even more!

Just reading the above makes me feel so foolish but so glad. Thank you Sally, for being an instrument of God's saving grace, and proving me a fool! LOL!

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