Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Orleans, Day 1

Our hotel near the French Quarter

Bourbon Street!

Look who we found from Los Angeles in New Orleans?! Mindy, from our church family! I love this girl :)

 Getting wild in New Orleans...J/K! bite is enough for the year!
 Known for their french beignets
 The great Mississippi River!

Doesn't it look like Disneyland? Saint Louis Cathedral of New Orleans, established in 1720.

 PJ was excited to see this...whatever.
 Where we stayed. Beautiful and cozy. Great service. I gotta give them Yelp props.
Despite PJ having a fever for a day, he forced himself to meet up with Mindy, because of the randomness of us being in New Orleans together.

We walked through Bourbon Street which was uhm...crazy! We got some interesting stories. Our time there was great and a huge blessing! NAMB, is amazing and so kind in giving PJ and I (and other couples) an anniversary vacation... Well, it wasn't for that, but it sure felt like it!

We had so much fun. We hung out with our good friends, the Choi's and the Nguyen's. God is kind in giving us good friends in Christ.


  1. This makes me smile so glad you guys were able to go! :)

    1. Thanks for smiling with us! We had tons of fun :) We miss you guys!!! Let's skype!

  2. I went to New Orleans after Hurricaine Katrina and these photos are totally bringing back the memories of how charming that city is :)

    I had the beignets at Cafe du Monde too!!! aaah, I want to eat one right now! So cool that you saw Mindy, lol at PJ's coffee, and that last picture is so cool! I never thought to look at ceiling not just the sides! :)

    1. OMG Melody, you were there after Katrina?!!! I read stuff while I was there, just to get a feel for what happened. It really felt like it was in another country, SO sad :(...

      I don't know if I've been in an elevator with mirrors at the top??? Seeing Mindy in LA was a highlight :)



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