Monday, July 23, 2012

10 Things [I Don't Like] About You...

1. The amount of books we have in our home
2. The way you drive (I easily get car sick)
3. Stall when we have to leave the house
4. Rush me when we have to leave the house
5. Cut your hair in our bathroom        
6. The way you dress the kids (if I allowed you to :)
7. Have a million tee shirts
8. You don't wash my car :)
9. You don't know how to cook and
10. You're a picky eater
(I asked PJ to make a list too, but he forgot)

Sorta weird, but all these things I LOVE at the same time!!!

These things are minor... Sometimes they cause fights, sometimes we laugh because we feel the selfishness and the stupidity of it--But the number ONE thing WE HATE about each other is---our SIN. It's horrific and the SIN that lurks in our hearts is far more serious than we can both understand. I hate my sin. I hate when I'm so selfish, feel it, know it, and I allow it to conquer me for that moment, or several moments! Some Christian guy (sorry I don't know his name), wrote a response essay to the question: What is the biggest problem in the world? He responded, "the biggest problem in the world is me." Or as Paul Tripp says, "the biggest problem in our marriage, is me." So, what's our solution that the Bible clearly states? BE CLEAN, by Jesus Christ. Trust Christ. See your sin, grieve over it. Hate it. Feel and know the weight of your sin and then cling to the cross where God himself planned a redemption story, so that we may see HIM more glorious and be happy in Him! Through Jesus Christ dying on the cross for our sin, we can live fully with Him and live here on Earth struggling with our sin, but knowing Jesus paid it all. We strive and remember and cling to the cross that sheds light to our need of Jesus Christ and our shedding of sinful, ugly habits.

Thank you PJ for loving me and washing me with God's Word. You are treasured in my heart.

Your best friend,

HAPPY 7TH ANNIVERSARY(it officially was 6/25)!!!


  1. hahahahahah i LOVE #1. alex doesn't have as many books as pj, but i dread the day he does...

    HAHA. LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! happy belated anniversary! come celebrate with us. i'll cook you guys dinner. no, i mean, we'll baby-sit your kids so you can go on a date. hurry hurry, make it happen!

    1. Be ready! Those book r a comin' :)

      Thank you! We miss you and love you two!!! I'll take you up on that offer ;)



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