Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Denver's Dark Night...

I can't fathom why someone would want to do what a 24-year-old man did, on morning of July 20th. Everything in me sees him as a monster. What went wrong with this man? 

I'm glad God gripped my heart this morning, as I spoke to my son, Rock. He asked, "Why did he do it mom?" My first words that came to my mind was, sin. I explained that Holmes is a sinner who got gripped by his evil desires, just as James speaks of

It kills me to think of unsuspecting couples, going to watch a movie, (just like PJ and I did at the mid-night showing) and some bringing their family and friends along, (just like PJ and I almost brought Rock to go with us, but we decided not to). It makes me emotional.

There was an article about forgiveness that PJ shared with me a few years ago, that was so insightful. I'll have to update with the link.

The article basically shed light on our human condition when we don't forgive. The reason we don't forgive or "can't" forgive a person(s) when they wrong us, is because we perceive them, in that act, as not being human or see them as a monster, and then we elevate ourselves far above them. Interesting. There two things at work there: 1) We condemn them and 2) We make ourselves god-like.

I have unimaginable sin and if I had all my thoughts on a screen for my friends and family to see, they'd be disguised and horrified at what evil lurks in my heart. Holmes is terribly evil for what he did. At the same time, I know he is a sinner who needs a Savior to free him from his monsters, his evil thoughts, his evil desires. As families have to move forward and figure out ways to cope, I hope and pray they come to only place that answers the awful questions they feel and are asking...Calvary. The place where Christ died to save sinners like me and you. We all fall short of our own standards and most importantly God's. God is infinitely holy and demands our full allegiance, but because we have bought Satan's lie, that we are better off without God and we make better Kings, we are cast away from our Creator because of our treason. But...But...He sent someone, He sent Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our treason,  IF we would repent of our sinfulness/treason, and believe in Christ's perfect life, death and resurrection! There's still hope at the cross of Christ. At the cross, evil and injustice are paid for fully and God's kindness makes way for new life for those who truly love him. 

I love Albert Mohler insights here...

Encouraged at what Christian Bale did...

A dose of fresh air in the mist of chaos: a beautiful baby born, what a blessing!

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