Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ring in a DIY paper box

Last week I was excited to wrap up my ring to a buyer!  Packing it can be very fun, especially when I have to make the box to send it in.  There are tons of ways to do these (you can just google it), but I've used the same method ever since I was in elementary school.  

It's always a privilege to send out little merchandise from the shop! I don't get many, but when I do, it's so fun! The shop has become a hobby and an outlet for me. Staying at home with the kids, is a huge blessing, but of course it can be difficult, this little hobby, that God has given me for now, has become a stress reliever! Ha, how funny is that?! It's nice when mommies have an outlet :) 

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  1. how pretty frances! :) I still remember the beautiful package you gave to me with the white packaging and black yarn for my birthday last year! I'm going to ask you later how to make that box! What a great idea, I hate finding boxes!



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