Tuesday, February 26, 2013

35 Weeks...

I always forget how many weeks I am. And when I need to remember, who do I ask? My sister, who just nods her head in disappointment because I don't know :) Sorry, but I just forget! May this not be any indicator of how I am as a parent...

Excited and nervous for our new baby. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed just thinking of what it's going to be like. Rock's home schooled and so is Key-- but she'll be starting Kinder this coming school year-- and it makes me a tiny bit nervous thinking of both Rock and Key beginning school while I have a baby at home! I know God will sustain us, but it's still a little nerve-racking!

My energy is low and I'm definitely feeling like I have to slow down in my movements because this baby makes me ache and feel uncomfortable all over the place!

Funny baby sleep positions

Story's doctor shushed her to calm her, see why...

This stroller caught my eye. (Not that I need one)

Pretty funny birth position video! NickMom is funny!

Did anyone watch this movie?! I saw a preview to it and totally forgot about it : / It's now on my mental renting list...we'll see how that goes.

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  1. hahaha! if i were pregnant i think i'd lose track of how many weeks I was too, sometimes i even have to pause to remember how old I am! but yeah, i can't wait to meet your new baby too! :) you make such a beautiful pregnant person... and is that Story in the background? reminds me of when i was little and how i used to watch my mom get ready all the time too. Couldn't wait to be a "grown up" and do the things she did



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