Tuesday, February 19, 2013

V-Day and Updates...

We usually stay home and celebrate altogether, but this time we hung out with the kids, bought some yummy Sprinkles (at a much closer Sprinkles-- at the Grove!) then PJ and I headed to Umami for a hot date night, while our good friend Danny watched our kiddos. It was a much needed date night and burger.

Our lives now...

Story is potty training! 1 pooh accident, 3 pee accidents. When we go out she wears pull ups and she does a pretty good job. A great way to save money since we'll be consuming tons of diapers when baby #4 comes!

Doctor appointment today: Dr. is concerned because she says I don't have enough amniotic fluid. I'll have to be monitored twice a week and see her every week as well. This is definitely different from my previous pregnancies. With Story, she told me I had double the amnotic fluid (Olympic size pool!). If y'all remember, please keep baby#4 in prayer.

Grama is still in the hospital. She is very fragile. We were with her last night and she looked very weak. It'll be one month tomorrow that she's been in the hospital. Please continue to pray.

It'll be 3months since Danika's passing and everyone is still remembering her and missing her like crazy. My brother and sister are so strong in the Lord. I know they have their super tough days, but even then, they still grieve with hope. Videos of her we continue to watch. I personally had a tough week. Please continue to pray for the family, especially my sister Nina, brother Dennis and nephew Niko.

Yek and Reese will be coming to LA soon! Please pray for there safety getting here from Minneapolis

CrossView is a blessing!

Ruby's book is almost done! Crafting with kids looks and sounds so fun! Let's lift her, and the family up in prayer as she finishes and uses it to point to Christ.

Still no name for baby #4-- PJ is sold on Sword, I'm sold on Canon (for boy names). If it's a girl, we think we know but not completely sure. John Park is determine to find us a name we'll love, lol!

If all goes well, PJ will be a workshop speaker at Legacy conference in Chicago! Lord willing, me and baby #4 can accompany him, but we'll see if we'll have a babysitter (or sitters) for the other kiddos : / Wanna come?!

Our friend Sarah from D.C. wrote a great blog post on her reflections when she was single. A good read :)


  1. John: "Wait... so you're saying that you're NOT going with Fountain (aka Fount)?"

    1. Hahahahaha!!! John is too funny!

      She does look big! Oh no :(

  2. i love these updates. and i love you!!

    and re: linda/john's comment - FOUNT!?!??! HAHAHAHAH TOO GOOD!

  3. Why does Story-Bear look so big?!?!?!



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