Tuesday, April 2, 2013

City Danika Tibayan

Introducing City Danika Tibayan

City Danika Tibayan
Born: April 1, 2013 at 12:54pm
7lbs 13.6oz and 20 inches long

The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ has given Tibayan 4 a new daughter! All glory and praise to him!

The story behind her name. "Danika" is her middle name because our beloved niece was named Danika and we love and miss her so much! City never had the opportunity to meet and be blessed by her older cousin the way her 3 siblings have, but she will be connected to her in a way that she will never forget her. Her cousin also reminds us that life is a mist that appears for a moment and then vanishes. Where does "City" come from? The city is the place marked by density, diversity, and interdependence (resources on thinking about the concept of the city from a Christian perspective). They are places in our world much more intensely filled with a mixture of good and evil. While many Christians are fleeing the city and avoiding it, God has called Tibayan 4 (our family) to the city of Los Angeles for this time to make disciples together with CrossView Church LA. We look forward to the city whose architect and builder is God, the New Jerusalem.

Ways you can pray for her. Please pray to the Father of our Lord, Savior, and Treasure, Jesus the Messiah who died for our sins and rose from the dead on the third day. Ask the Father to bless City, protect her, make his face shine on her, be gracious to her, look on her with favor and give her peace. This means praying that she repents from her sin and trusts in Jesus Christ to save her. Pray for her parents to gospelize her well and love her sacrificially. Ask God to protect her from Satan, the evil one, and to not bring her into temptation. Please ask the Father's name to be honored as holy in her, that his kingdom would come in part through her, and that his will would be done by her. Pray for her to know, believe, love, and live in light of the gospel. Pray for her physical health and development, and that we would see God's glory through her and reflect God's glory to her as a family. Pray that the City of Los Angeles would be blessed through City Danika Tibayan to the glory of the Triune God.

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  1. This was very touching to read. City may be your most creative name yet (no offense Rock, Key, Story!), and naming her Danika just made my heart melt. I love the intentions you have for City. Lord-willing I will get to meet her sometime this year! Congratulations!



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