Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Life As Of Now

is pretty much about taking care and getting use to our new baby girl City and how to manage a newborn with 3 kids. Life is starting to get a little (just a tiny bit) more livable.  I had a case of the "Baby Blues" while having difficulty breast-feeding. This is our fourth child I've breast-fed and I still had so much trouble breast-feeding. Story was the worse though. It's finally getting better! I even felt mad at God for not answering my prayers, but hello, he did!

The kids LOVE City! All they want to do is kiss her. A lot. I have to remind them to just kiss her head and feet-- Oh, and elbows. They are all stepping up their game and being helpful. Rock seems so mature as he interacts with City. Key loves and comments about how "cute" City's face is. Story kisses her elbows.

Rock's birthday was the 11th and thankfully we were able to celebrate and make him feel special. He got a new bike from us and another gift from the girls. They were so excited to give it to him. I finally came out of my cave (our room) to take Rock to dinner. It's so weird putting on street clothes! I forgot the weird postpartum body feeling. Old clothes not fitting and maternity clothes not fitting either. I'm somewhere in between. Arghhh! It'll take time. But in the mean time, what do I wear?!

PJ's been making me yummy breakfast! This is a BIG deal since he doesn't know how to cook (or has he been tricking me?). It's really not a big deal but it's helpful nonetheless! Plus I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! He is really being helpful. I need to work on not feeling unnecessarily guilty when I feel it's too much for him. That's part of my sinful nature of being a control freak :( He's great : )

I thank God SO much for CrossView, family and close friends. A few members of our church have randomly taken our kids out to have fun : ) One of my fears was that the kids would just be cooped up and feeling neglected because of City but we're so thankful church family came to the rescue and took our kids to Hollywood and Vine (like they were tourists!), Rain Forest Cafe, and helped watch them while we were in the hospital. Extremely helpful. It gave us a break and it gave them a treat!

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  1. oh my goodness, that picture of rock holding city gave me goosebumps! wish I could see her in person! :( What an exciting time, we are praying for you guys!



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