Tuesday, October 8, 2013

(with a 7 year old, 5 year old, 3 year old and 6 month old)

7:30AM Wake up and get ready
7:45 Head to track to work out while everyone is sleeping
9:30 Get back from working out 
9:30 Feed City and feed kids 
10:00 Have kids do beds and clean up and i try putting City to. She doesn't want to sleep yet. 
10:30 Start Rock's school, typically math while I make my protein shake. Drink that quickly.
11:30 feeling stressed since Rock's taking too long to go through his math pages. Depending on how challenging it is, he can breeze through it or take awhile. City begins to get mildly fussy. Help Story draw her dolphins onto transparent sheets
11:35 City s cranking and needs to sleep now. If Rock is done I give him a break while I put City down.
11:50 I read and do reading comprehension exercises with Rock and Key. Rock does dictation exercises.
12:00PM He reads independently Magic Tree House book, while I shower. Key plays with sister Story.
12:20 I prepare their lunches. 
12:25 Rock takes a break
12:40 They begin eating. City wakes up and has a dirty diaper.
12:45 After washing City I set her down in her playpen while I scarf my lunch up.
12:50 Tell kids to please stop talking and eat their lunch.
12:55 No more talking until lunch is eaten.
1:00 Story takes her nap or rests while I begin work with Key and Rock. I nurse City.
1:05 Key does her math I have prepared in her notebook. (9+5=?) and Rock works on his spelling list.
1:25 I start Classical Conversations cirriculum, beginning with geography. We sing and do map work according to week. City is becoming more restless. She needs a nap.
1:35 I try putting City to sleep. She fights. 
1:40 I nurse City she finally sleeps. I put her in her crib. Kids are finishing up map geography work. 
1:45 Listen to history sentence and sing song according to week. Test each individually to see if they memorized info of subjects.
2:00 Rehearse english, latin, and science songs
2:25 Break. I need a break.
2:30 Kids want to me to read them a book.
2:35 Rock and Key fight. I step in and talk to both about their heart issues. On bad days I just want them to stop fighting! And I don't draw them out as I should. 
2:40 Key and I go through phonics book while Rock does his phonics reading
2:55 City wakes up and is talking in her crib. Buys me some time!
3:00 I ask Key to please wake up Story. She lingers in her bed.
3:10 Key and Rock recite their two poems they are working on. City becomes a little restless.
3:20 I get City and change her dirty diaper. Key takes a break. Rock practices piano.
3:40 Story asks for a snack, I tell her fruits and veggies are available. Rock begins to draw and practice penmanship.
3:45 Story and Key draw and make a huge mess in the living room floor. I nurse City.
4:00 Do Language lesson on commas in dates. I write up sentences for him to copy. Put City in her high chair.
4:25 Rock and Key go over Classical Conversation tutorials (science, history, geography, math, latin, english, and timeline) on iPad. Story plays upstairs or listens to tutorials to. She sings along since she knows the songs. I get City out off her high chair and play with her on my bed.
4:45 Break. I begin their pre-dinner. I nurse City and put her in her playpen.
5:00 Give them a pre-dinner since we'll be at Rock's game (P.E.
5:30 We get ready to leave. My Lovely comes home and takes over a bit after he settles in.
5:45 I nurse City before heading out.
5:50 We pack in the car and head over to the park to engage and love our neighbors.
7:10 Get home and bathe kids or they bathe themselves while I just bathe Story and City.
7:30 They eat a fast dinner. I nurse cranky City.
7:55 They do their bathroom routine (brush teeth, potty, etc) and get ready for family worship.
8:05 Family worship. PJ reads to us and we pray together.
8:25 Kids are upstairs in bed. PJ blesses them. I nurse City and put her to bed.

Some days differ greatly, other days, the schedule is as such. I left a lot of things out--I basically just gave a quick homeschooling overview. Typically, we'd like the kids in bed at 7:45pm but since some days Rock has practice or games, we have to adjust. 

Homeschooling is indeed hard work but still fun! Why do we home school? Here's a few reasons why...

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