Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The 22 Rules Of This House

  1. We obey God.
  2. We love, honor and pray for one another.
  3. We tell the truth.
  4. We consider one another's interests ahead of our own.
  5. We speak quietly and respectfully with one another.
  6. We do not hurt one another with unkind words or deeds.
  7. When someone needs correction, we correct him in love.
  8. When someone is sorry, we accept their apology. 
  9. When someone asks for forgiveness, we forgive them. ***
  10. When someone is sad, we comfort him.
  11. When someone is happy, we rejoice with him.
  12. When we have something nice to share, we share it.
  13. When we have work to do, we do it without complaining.
  14. We take good care of everything that God has given us.
  15. We do not create unnecessary work for others.
  16. When we open something, we close it.
  17. When we take something out, we put it away.
  18. When we turn something on, we turn it off.
  19. When we make a mess, we clean it up.
  20. When we do not know what to do, we ask.
  21. When we go out, we act just as if we were in this house.
  22. When we disobey or forget any of the 21 Rules of This House, we accept the discipline and instruction of the Lord.
My Lovely found this helpful list, which in a nutshell explains the way we try to conduct our home, by God's grace! Living as a family is not easy and requires communication and healthy boundaries, right?  A great list to have! We have it printed and in our kitchen. I'd like to write Bible verses to coincide with each boundary, as a reminder to myself, PJ and the kids, that God loves us and wants us to be happy in Him and it's clear through his Word.

It's originally from here by Gregg Harris (Joshua Harris' father). 

***Number 9 was added because we make a big emphasis on using biblical language when we sin against each other. Sorry's are for mistakes, and asking for forgiveness, is for sin.  

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  1. i loveeeee this, fantastic frances!!!!!! thank you for sharing. always encouraged by how you and kuya pj model all of these things for your lovely family :)



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