Friday, February 28, 2014

Smile Moment

Robots and rainbows make me smile...

Made these fun pillows for the kids. Actually, the kids designed them and I just ran it through the machine. It made them so happy which in turn made me happy!

A few things on my mind that'll carry over to a future post, I hope.

1. Pastor kids are always getting a bad wrap. Some grow up to be a stereotypical PK and others (many others) totally defy gravity :)

2. I think being a Mexican-American can sometimes be an identity crisis.

3. Poor City is teething and is miserable. She's the first of our kids to be physically affected (fever, restless, etc) by teething.

4. Living in the city, in a smaller place, brings it's obstacles but it can be fun trying to organize and be a minimalist.

5. Rainy days are beautiful. We really need rain so these drops are God sent. Rainy days are beautiful. Did I already say rainy days are...

HaVe A gReAt WeEkEnD!

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