Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Round Up #1

Catching Story look through her DIY paper telescope she made...priceless.

I really need to make this right now! I'm craving it.

B.J. Novak is a hoot. I'd love to read this...

Our new favorite comedy show! So good!

How to eat a cupcake! I was sorta close...

Read this blog post and I'm trying it! We'll see how it goes.

Home tip...loving the triangle so much that I made it at home! Now, for the ball.

Trying to finish this documentary with My Lovely.

This story is sobering to read. It really pushes us to think about death and be ready--as ready as you can be, for the inevitable for all of us.

How do you help those who are grieving from a lost of a loved one? This article was helpful in answering the question.

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  1. that tim keller documentary looks like it'd be really good! interesting that it's a dutch documentary too...



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