Thursday, June 5, 2014

DIY Geo Inspired Planter

school is out and we are so excited to enjoy the summer! now that my schedule is a little more open (as open as it can get with 4 kiddos), i have a handful of DIY projects i want to do. 

it can get frustrating when i have all these ideas in my head but can't implement them because of a busy schedule. hopefully, i can get through some of them since the craft itch can be soothing and inspiring.

with this little project i had all the supplies at home--i love when that happens! geometric decor has been lovely to see, so i put together a quick geo inspired planter. it added something new to the place, AND in my case, it was totally free! now, let's pray my plant don't die!

what you'll need:

-plain clay planter

-painter's tape

-paint with paint brush

i taped around the vase. just make sure there's no open spaces so the paint don't seep through. i painted, let it dry, then repainted again. i did about 4 coats just to make sure it was thick enough--depending on the paint it could be less coats. once it is completely dry, remove the tape slowly, making sure you press down on the painted part while pulling tape. i accidently tore too quickly and some paint came along with it...i had to repaint that area :/

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