Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Story's Birthday

April 21st marked our Story's 4th birthday, which meant... Cocoa Pebbles day! It's PJ's tradition that on the kid's 4th birthday they get to eat sugary, Cocoa Pebbles cereal. I've fought this tradition, to no avail. I've had to succumb to the reality that these are his kids too and he wants to enjoy Cocoa Pebbles with his kids :) Now,  I think it's cute and I'm glad PJ got his way on this one.

Key made Story an Elsa paper doll. It was very sweet the way she presented it to her and the joy that Story got.

Our birthday letter to Story...

Our little Story,
We remember vividly the day the doctor held you up and squeezed your chunky thighs and declared you were a big baby! You were. You're still cute as a button-- with a very high pitch voice--but we love it. You're sweet, thoughtful, and so silly. Your jokes are beyond your years.

Abba and I constantly fight to not make you (each other or your siblings) the center of our universe or allow you to make yourself the center of the universe. You don't quite understand now, but hopefully you'll thank us later. It's our job to disciple you and show you how to be a woman of integrity...a term we often use in our home. We'll continue to pour into your life but one day you will have to choose your own road to follow, the road of Christ--a very difficult but ultimate satisfying road, or your own road that is filled with your own selfish desires that can be hurtful to you and others. We will be here for you no matter what, even if you choose the road that is easy and ultimately hurtful. We love you because you are our own and we love you because Christ first loved us. He is the source of true love, and we strive to love you with that kind of love.

Our prayer for you is that you grow to be a woman of integrity. That one day you will call upon Jesus Christ to save you from yourself and make you his child. We pray that Abba and I will faithfully serve you and be an example of parents who are not self righteously above you, but gladly submitting to Jesus as our ultimate, loving authority. We also pray Abba and I can continue to ask you for forgiveness when we sin against you...you've already graciously extended forgiveness to us in the past :) Thank you.

We love you forever and we are so thankful God has loaned you to us.

Mommy and Abba

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  1. I WANT TO CRY. I LOVE YOUR LETTERS TO YOUR KIDS. <3 <3 <3 such an encouraging display of God's kindness!



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