Wednesday, July 30, 2014


we recently had our much needed vacation (stay-cation) which was refreshing. i unintentionally took a social media vacation too. it felt good to disconnect and connect with people in real life. ahhhh! social media, i hate you but like you.

there's a lot of good reminders on the web that deal with social media issues. i'll have to do a round up of the good stuff i've come across.

i digress... these pictures were from the howard johnson's hotel in Anaheim. they have a water park, which was the draw for us, and because of that, we packed up and headed to nearby anaheim. we loved that we were able to relax and not be too afraid of the kids getting lost. It was small enough to just sit and relax, yet big enough for the kids not to get bored. they loved it! i'll have to give a yelp review about our stay.

a few things i learned (or re learned) during our vacation:

it's easy to take a vacation from God when on vacation.
visiting other churches made me miss our church.
vacations can be tiresome. Pace yourself.
delve into a good book.
if i'm home, i'm undoubtedly cleaning : \
i need to learn how to vacation.
i needed a vacation from social media.
jack bauer makes us happy.
having four kids is fun.
next year, Lord willing, our vacation can't land during our anniversary.

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  1. I love vacations. They are much needed in a busy world. Maybe u should do a vacation towards social media too?



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