Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Smile

tomorrow is my mom's birthday! i'm so excited to celebrate with family over good food and no doubt, hilarious conversations.

returning from our vacation i had no desire to be on social media. it was interesting... although, i had emails i needed to get to but didn't because i didn't check my email for two weeks! yikes!

interesting post on bff's. i could see where she's coming from but since i find it obvious that some friends are just more edifying than others, then the bff notion makes sense. if you're bff category is not based on edification then you can have various bff's of various categories, which can make bff's obsolete, perhaps...

pj and i were talking to our nephew about phobias and he said THIS is his! be careful, it might make you feel uneasy-- i started too!

we watched a marriage documentary 112 weddings last night. the film was interesting and it gave us a peek into what other marriages feel or think (well, to a certain point).  hearing some of the couples responses to questions was eye opening. it made me so appreciative of covenantal marriage that's anchored in Jesus.

this DIY blog is my new fav! AND she's adopted three adorable kids :D

voddie baucham's audio sermons have been a blessing to me on my runs.

have a great weekend!

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