Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Smile

recently pj and i have been really thinking of this. i'd like to do a blog post on ways we are preparing, not just for our boy, but our girls too. this article has been helpful too. "immodesty" is a word we taught our kids, and they use it often to describe improper attire. the kids constantly use it.

recent tragedies have to make us rethink things. i think suspending judgement until all the evidence is out, is most helpful, and wise. rethink with humility, truth and justice. this is an article to help digest one of the underlying issue.

i recently just got a runner's injury! I'm so sad. but i'm on the hunt for a new pair of rocking, running shoes! never even heard of these.

i had no idea there was an als ice bucket challenge! what a great way to raise awareness and funds. rock, my son, was challenged by his cousin, he took it on like a trooper. this one is a fail though.

beacause of our biblical convictions on stem cell research, an alternate way to donate to als, here, here and here.

i'm dying to try this place! my friend did their logo and other paper goods. i heart the letter "c" tier, so creative.

our blender broke last month and i was on the hunt for a new one. the vitamix crossed my mind several times but couldn't get over the price tag! i know, 7 year warranty. research brought me to this one and we purchased it! with a 4 year extended warranty. it works like a charm. pj calls it my new car ;)

why didn't i ever think of this. a friend posted this link on her fb, thankfully i saw it.

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